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Timbuk2 Command Review

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4.4 Rating based on 3,825 reviews
We read and checked 3,825 reviews from experts and users. Based on all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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Here's what the reviewers think about the Timbuk2 Command bag:

Reviewers like these things about the Timbuk2 Command

  • Many reviewers noted that the Timbuk2 Command pack is designed to keep laptops.
  • Other reviewers pointed out that the bag holds things secured without removing devices.
  • They also said that its external access zipper pocket offers quick access to cords and power bricks.
  • Many users thought that its flap and bag construction is weatherproof.
  • Several reviewers found out that its polyester fabric is durable.
  • Many of the users felt that its internal organization makes it easy to keep small items such as pens and phones.
  • Users noted that the bag includes a coordinating strap pad.
  • They pointed out that its crossbody strap can be removed for stabilization.
  • Several testers also felt that it is easy to adjust the bag.
  • Reviewers said that it was comfortable to use the pack.
  • Other users pointed out that it was accessible to grab items from its pockets.
  • Due to the protection of bag, several users thought that it has anti-stealth features.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A user said that loose thread spots have developed in several places.
  • Another user thought that its seams have a tendency to come loose due to poor stitching.
  • A reviewer said that its zips might come loose.

Timbuk2 Command vs similar bags icon  Timbuk2 Command vs similar bags

Timbuk2 Aviator
Timbuk2 Aviator
Rating4.3 based on 283 reviews
Weight4.4-4.4 lb (2-2 kg)

Timbuk2 Classic
Timbuk2 Classic
Rating4.5 based on 9,368 reviews
Capacity9-24 l (549-1465 cuin)
Weight1-2 lb (0.5-0.9 kg)

Timbuk2 Command vs timbuk2 commute

Timbuk2 Commute
Timbuk2 Commute
Rating 4.4 based on 1,627 reviews
The Timbuk2 Command and the Timbuk2 Commute are both messenger bags of comparable quality and price. The Commute model, itself, has actually been discontinued by its manufacturer, but the models still available provide more pockets and smaller compartment at the expense of its relative accessibility and aesthetics.

The large number of pockets located throughout the Commute model may create more carrying space, but could be confusing or difficult to the user, and even any security staff whose hands the bag may pass through. The Command is fairly TSA-friendly with its more easily-accessible pockets and large front-flap. These bags are made from a very similar, attractive material, and offer similar protection to items which are easily-accessed at the hip.

The most popular Timbuk2 Commute

Timbuk2 Q
Timbuk2 Q
Rating4.4 based on 328 reviews
Weight2.2 lb (1 kg)

Timbuk2 Command vs timbuk2 uptown

Timbuk2 Uptown
Timbuk2 Uptown
Rating 4.5 based on 190 reviews
Both the Timbuk2 Command and theTimbuk2 Uptown are considered to be powerful in the amount of cargo they can carry for you. And they are reliable in that they can handle a lot of rugged usage. These bags truly provide you with both functionality and style.

The Timbuk2 Command is perfect to use for travel. The bag is functional with good storage and is also truly attractive. This bag provides top quality protection for all your items.

You will have real peace of mind when you use the Timbuk2 Uptown, as this bag is contoured to fit your body well and will not tip you off balance when it is loaded with heavy cargo. This bag has good storage.

The most popular Timbuk2 Uptown

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Pangolins with Packs
Geoff C
Posted 28 November 2017
Great everyday carry and travel carry-on backpack. There are a few design changes that I would make but it is a reliable bag that is large enough to fit everything I need on any typical day.
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Zit Seng
Posted 2 February 2015
With a large main compartment the bag is suitable for carrying a notebook and plenty other gears regularly. It is comfortable to carry also.
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Cult of Mac
Eli Milchman
Posted 21 February 2012
True messenger heratige, jet-setter sophistication and oodles of smart features make the Command Messenger a tough, user-friendly laptop carrier ready for adventure; a few persistent quirks keep this good bag from becoming a great one.
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Check how much you can pack in the different Timbuk2 Command models:

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Average rating 4.4 based on 3,825 reviews
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