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Travel Blogger Sarah Kim Shares Her Best Packing Tips and Why She Travels for Food

My name is Sarah Kim. I am a travel blogger. I am originally from New York City but now live in Amsterdam because living abroad in Europe has always been one of my dreams! I’m a Pisces through and through as I love to dream, but unlike a Pisces, I’m […]

April 6, 2018 × 0 comments

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After Years of Travel, Founders of Retire Early and Travel Share Their Best Packing Tips

We are Retire Early and Travel. We provide help and ideas for those who want to retire early, and we provide travel inspiration for those who want to have unique travel experiences. We were both born in Michigan. We went to high school together and have been married for 32 […]

April 5, 2018 × 4 comments

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Travel Photographer Stephen Lioy Shares His Best Packing Tips

I’m Stephen, originally from the US state of Louisiana but now based in the Central Asia country of Kyrgyzstan. I work in several aspects of the tourism sphere, from leading student groups to writing guidebooks and working as a photographer, as well as doing a bit of work on tourism […]

March 19, 2018 × 2 comments

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The Founder of France Just for You Shares Her Top Essential Things for a Trip Around the World

My name is Emilie. I was born in the French Pyrenees where my parents were lamb breeders. We moved to Paris and my father managed a campsite for two years. Then we moved to the Loire Valley, which is where I now live with my partner Guillaume and our two […]

March 15, 2018 × 0 comments

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Travel Blogger Nienke Krook Shares How She Packs Her Travel Bags

I’m Nienke Krook (pronounced ‘neen-kuh crow-k’), I’m from Amsterdam and have been living in London with my boyfriend since the end of 2013. We met each other in Sydney in 2008 and have been living abroad or travelling together pretty much ever since. I work as a full-time blogger for […]

March 9, 2018 × 0 comments

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Canadian Travel Writer Tamara Elliott Shares Her Best Tips and Tricks for Easy Travel

​I’m Tamara Elliott, and I’m a travel writer and blogger based in Calgary, Canada. In 2013, I founded the website, which highlights unique experiences and destinations all over the world and shares savvy travel tips. My favourite type of trip is one that combines adventure and luxury, such as […]

March 8, 2018 × 0 comments

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Deaf Travel Blogger Ed Rex Shares His Best Packing Tips to Avoid Overpacking

I’m Ed Rex, (sometimes called the most handsome travel blogger) and I’m a travel writer and I run my own blog at I come from East Yorkshire up in the north of England (best place in the world) and I’ve come back home after travelling a many few years […]

March 5, 2018 × 0 comments

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Norwegian Travel Blogger Anne-Sophie Redisch Shares How She Packs Light

I’m Anne-Sophie Redisch of Sophie’s World, a travel journo and blogger by night and CEO of a small non-profit by day. I live in Norway and am just back from Serbia now. Other than travelling and writing, I love dancing and hanging out with my two daughters. How and why […]

March 5, 2018 × 0 comments

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After Over a Decade on the Road, it’s Time for Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite to Share His Best Packing Light Tips

My name is Dave. I live on a houseboat in London and I split my time between travelling 1000 miles without a motor, and running an adventurous community-based nonprofit called, SayYesMore. I’ve been adventuring full-time since 2006 and write books, make films and speak about adventure and positive mindset. People […]

March 2, 2018 × 0 comments

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Pack Hacker Founder Tom Wahlin Shares His Best Travel Backpack Tips

My name is Tom Wahlin—over the past 10 years, I’ve been working as a digital designer at companies like Apple, some digital agencies, and a few different startups. I’m originally from Minnesota (where the tater tot hotdish flows like water), and I lived in NYC for a couple years. From […]

March 1, 2018 × 0 comments