How Andrew Forsthoefel Packs His Bags to Walk Across America

My name is Andrew Forsthoefel, and I’m a writer, storyteller, peace activist, and poet. I also teach listening wherever I am invited: at schools, businesses, retreat centers and community centers. After discovering the transformative power of the practice of listening on my walk across America, I’m trying to share what […]


Walk Sew Good Share Their Light Packing Tips When Walking Through South East Asia

My name is Gabrielle, I am from Trentham Cliffs originally but at the moment I am living in between Melbourne and Mornington. My passions are reading and travelling although I have to work intermittently to fund the latter. My personality would be best described as adventurous and chaotic, I wish […]

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Qualified Mountain Leader and Fossil Hunter Martin Curtis Shares His Best Packing Tips

My name is Martin Curtis. I’m a Qualified Mountain Leader and I live and work on the Jurassic Coast here in the UK. I’m an Ambassador for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and a guide at Jurassic Coast Guides. I take visitors on walking and fossil tours and spend […]

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61-Year-Old British Hill Walker Glyn Dodwell Shares His Smart Packing Tips

My name is Glyn Dodwell, I am 61 years old and I run the blog Hill-Walking For The Over 60s. But I am not just a blogger, I lead from the front spending most of my spare time hill-walking on the lovely chalk downs of southern England and the mountains […]

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Polar Adventurer Ann Daniels Shares What Gear to Pack for Arctic Expeditions

My name is Ann Daniels. Mainly, I’m a Polar adventurer but spend a lot of my time speaking to Corporate companies about leadership and overcoming challenges to achieve results. I’m originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire and got into Polar expeditions at a later age after having triplets. I love what […]


Transcontinental Walker Owen Martel Explains How He Walked Across 3 Continents

My name is Owen Martel. I grew up in Hawaii and currently live in a small town in Slovenia. In addition to shorter backpacking trips in various mountain ranges around the world and a whole lot of trail running, I’ve done three transcontinental walks so far – across Europe in […]


Arjun Bhogal Explains How He Spent 5 Years Walking Solo Across the World

My name is Arjun Bhogal, I suppose I’d be classified as an adventurer, but I also write and do some public speaking about my journey over the last five years. I’m originally from London, UK, but am currently living in Melbourne, Australia. As you could probably imagine my favorite activities […]

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Adventurer Andrew Siess Explains How to Cycle and Walk Around the World on a Tiny Budget

Name is Andrew Siess from St. Paul Minnesota, USA. Right now, I am in Saint Paul, Minnesota working construction jobs until adventure season starts in a month. Favorite activities are kickball, biking, canoeing, urban exploring, busking, going to the BWCA. I’m a stubborn, laid back, serious, joking, hard working, and […]


Long-Distance Hiker Chris Townsend Explains His Best Tips on Adventuring and Packing Your Gear

My name is Chris Townsend. I’m a writer and photographer specializing in the outdoors. I live in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Whilst I love many outdoor activities, my favourite is long-distance hiking. How and why did you get into long-distance hiking? I was brought up in the countryside […]


George Meegan Shares His Best Adventuring Tips after 2425 Days of Walking

Hi. My name is George Geoffrey Meegan and I am an adventurer. My first adventure was being rescued by a dog who just would not budge away from a locked caravan. When they broke the door down they found a shocking sight — a baby holding onto a dead mother. […]