94% of All Fashion Models Are Underweight

There is always a lot of debate about whether fashion models are too thin or not. We therefore decided to take a look at a lot of models to determine the truth: Are most models really to thin or not?

We looked at more than 3,000 models from 20 leading model agencies and the conclusion is clear: 94% of the models have a BMI below 18.5 and are therefore underweight!

Method used

To determine the BMI of all the models, we used information that is available on the websites of most model agencies. We collected the measurements (height, bust, waist, hips) of each model and then we used Body Visualizer to estimate the weight of each model (since no model agency displays the actual weight of their models).

We already got the height of each model from the model agencies, so when we had the weight we could determine the BMI (BMI = weight / (height * height)).

Calculated BMI

Fashion models BMI

[table id=96 /]

BMI categories

According to WHO, BMI is categorized like this:

[table id=97 /]

Using the categories above, we can categorize the BMI of the models like this:
WHO BMI categories

[table id=98 /]

Height measurements

Fashion models height

[table id=99 /]

Bust measurements

Fashion models bust measurements

[table id=100 /]

Waist measurements

Fashion models waist measurements

[table id=101 /]

Hips measurements

Fashion models hips measurements

[table id=102 /]

Calculated weight

Fashion models weight

[table id=103 /]

Low BMI fashion model vs. high BMI fashion model
The model with the lowest BMI (15.0) vs. the model with the highest BMI (20.8)

Average fashion model vs. average american woman
Average model BMI (17.3) vs. average American woman (BMI 26.5)

Last updated on September 11, 2017