New Vacancy: Researcher for Inventing a Bag of Holding

Bag of holding inventor

We are looking for a talented and creative individual who can invent a bag of holding.

Successful applicants should be able to design an ergonomic bag that can hold forty times its weight without actually weighing more than 60 pounds. We are highly partial to applicants who can invent an Astral Plane-resistant bag of holding.

We are looking for a researcher with a keen sense of understanding of wondrous items. Applicants must be results-oriented, driven, highly committed, and great team workers.

Researchers who never say no, even when facing the impossible, are most desired.

Job responsibilities:

  • Invent a bag of holding
  • Provide data-driven insights into the invention process
  • Not lose company property in the Astral Plane
  • Collaborate within a diverse, innovative and enchanting environment
  • Get along with both intra-planetary and extra-planetary colleagues

Education requirements:

  • A degree in one or more of these areas: trans-dimensional space, physics, design, or sewing
  • Basic measurement skills certificate (optional)

Professional experience requirements:

  • At least 5 years of research experience related to wondrous items
  • Proven track record of making imaginary things become real

Other desired skills:

  • Ability to make things that haven’t been seen before
  • Good sense of fashion and style
  • Not afraid of needles
  • Driven to a fault

Qualified and ready to apply for the job? Please send your application, CV and letters of recommendation to [email protected]

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Last updated on October 10, 2017