Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Review, Pros and Cons

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac is rated 4.6 based on 185 reviews

Feature Summary

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag, 1-Pack
  • Nylon
  • 2 storage Bays- 4 storage compartments
  • Padded EVA thermal-formed ergonomic back padding
  • Quick release metal hasp for easy access to back storage bay
  • 3 mm thick polypropylene base- won't tip over with tools stored in the bag unlike other backpack tool bags

Reviews Summary

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac:

Reviewers like these things about the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac

  • Users thought the ridged center and solid bottom make it very durable and you can set it in water without worrying about the bottom soaking up water and stretching the fabric. –.
  • One reviewer who’ve used it for a while said that the bag is holding up like a champ; no holes or broken spots anywhere, the straps are still very solid as well as all the clasps and fasteners.
  • Others liked how it easily carry their tools with plenty of padding in the shoulders and back.
  • Others liked how it doesn’t topple over when open.
  • Some users loved its rugged design that has withstood the elements.
  • Others love how it feels really stable on the back.
  • Some users find the added a magnet useful to hold screws in the bag.
  • Many users thought this bag is awesome and has held up to some abuse.
  • A lot of users find the plastic bottom is perfect and doesn’t scratch or mar fiberglass/gelcoat.
  • Many users agree that designers really took every square inch and made it useful. Super strong material and construction.
  • Some users thought the back support system when adjusted properly is an amazing thing.
  • One user said that the versatility of the Tech Pac has no comparison, it holds a freakish amount of tools, Veto really killed the competition with the Tech Pac.
  • A lot of users thought this is a great backpack as it frees your hands for other things and tools you need to carry, minimizing trips back and forth, and it never tips over when you open its front or back.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Other users thought that some pockets are too small for common items.
  • Some users thought the price is too high.

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