Reviews Summary

75% of the Victorinox Avolve reviews are good or excellent!

Excellent (61%)
Good (14%)
Average (6%)
Poor (8%)
Bad (8%)

Here's what the reviewers think about the Victorinox Avolve:

Reviewers like these things about the Victorinox Avolve

  • Many users love how the pure polycarbonate frame keeps packed contents protected.
  • Some reviewers like how the wheels ensure a smooth roll across any surface.
  • Quick-access exterior pockets are lauded by a lot of users.
  • Many users appreciate its zippered expansion system.
  • Some reviewers finds its interior organization very practical.
  • A lot of owners find it super lighweight and spacious.
  • Some users love its heavy duty zippers.
  • Others find the extension handle comfortable and easy to grab.
  • Some users said it has good design for segmenting and storage.
  • many users enjoy how easy it is to roll in any direction.
  • Others find the wheels fantastic.
  • Some reviewers like the TSA combination lock that goes with it.
  • Users recommend this luggage to those who travel a lot.
  • Others find the interior volume very surprising.
  • Some reviewers said everything about it is sleek and easy to use.
  • Others find the inner mesh pockets are handy for separation.
  • Some reviewers like how handle locks into several different lengths.
  • Some owners describe it as a top-notch, full-size roll away with all the bells and whistles.
  • Many users agree it feels expensive & well made, likely to stand up to years of travel.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some reviewers find the laptop pocket a bit tight.


Crowdsourced specs across all Victorinox Avolve models and sizes:

Weight iconWeight6.8-7.4 oz (3.1-3.4 kg)
Length iconLength12-28.5 in (30-72 cm)
Width18-27 in (46-69 cm)
Height22-24.5 in (56-62 cm)

Popular Models

Victorinox Avolve 3.0

85% choose the Victorinox Avolve 3.0

85 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight6.8 oz (3.1 kg)
Length iconLength12 in (30 cm)
Width18 in (46 cm)
Height22 in (56 cm)

Victorinox Avolve 2.0

15% choose the Victorinox Avolve 2.0

15 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight7.4 oz (3.4 kg)
Length iconLength28.5 in (72 cm)
Width27 in (69 cm)
Height24.5 in (62 cm)

Victorinox Avolve 3.0 vs Avolve 2.0

The two most popular Victorinox Avolve models are the Avolve 3.0 and the Avolve 2.0, so let's compare them:

Popularity and Prices

In total, 100% of the people interested in the Victorinox Avolve bags choose one of these two models. The most popular choice is the Avolve 3.0 which is choosen by 85% (5.7 times as many as the 15% that choose the Avolve 2.0).

Avolve 3.0Avolve 2.0
Most popular

Looking at the prices, the Avolve 3.0 is typically around $40 more expensive than the Avolve 2.0, but check the deals before you buy.

Avolve 3.0Avolve 2.0

Weight and dimensions

The weight of the Avolve 3.0 is 0.6 kg (21.2 oz) lower than the weight of the Avolve 2.0.

Avolve 3.0Avolve 2.0

If we look at dimensions, the Avolve 3.0 is 16 in (41 cm) longer than the Avolve 2.0 (12 vs. 28 in). It's 9 in (23 cm) wider (18 vs. 27 in), while the height of the Avolve 3.0 is 2 in (5 cm) less than the height of the Avolve 2.0 (22 vs. 24 in).

Features and Colors

Both models are available in black. Only the Avolve 3.0 is available in blue.


vs Victorinox Bags

The Victorinox Avolve ranks #10 compared with the other Victorinox bags.

8Victorinox Spectra
Victorinox Spectra
9Victorinox Avolve
Victorinox Avolve

vs All Bags

The Victorinox Avolve ranks #1948 compared with all the bags we have checked.

1946Pathfinder Revolution
Pathfinder Revolution
1947Victorinox Avolve
Victorinox Avolve
1948Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood
Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood
1949Yukon Outfitters Overwatch
Yukon Outfitters Overwatch
1950High Sierra AT8
High Sierra AT8

Vs Other Bags

Crowdsourced comparison of the Victorinox Avolve vs the Victorinox Werks.

Many sources mention this feature
Some sources mention this feature

Victorinox Avolve vs Victorinox Werks

Victorinox Avolve
Victorinox Avolve

Based on 198 reviews
Weight: 6.8-7.4 oz
Price: $$$

Victorinox Werks
Victorinox Werks

Based on 490 reviews
Capacity: 41.75 l
Weight: 6.7 oz
Price: $$$

  • The Avolve is rated somewhat worse than the Werks.
  • In total, we have checked and analyzed 688 reviews of the two bags.
  • The weight of the biggest Avolve is 10% heavier than the biggest Werks (7.4 oz vs 6.7 oz).

Both bags are available in these colors:

Only the Werks is available in these colors:

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