Handbag Prices Around the World Varies by 4347% (Study)

Based on handbag prices from 24 countries, this study compares how much women (and men buying gifts) are willing to pay for a new handbag around the world.


Women (and men) pay the most for a new handbag in the United States. Average price for a new handbag in the United States is $313. That’s 14.2% more than country number 2, Japan, where there average price for a new handbag is $268.80.
– The lowest average price for a new handbag is in India ($7.22), so people in United States pay 43 times more for a new handbag than people in India (the price of the average handbag in the United States is 4347% higher than the average handbag price in India).
Russian women are willing to pay the most out of their salary for a new handbag (22.3% of the average monthly salary before tax). That’s 13.8% more than number 2 on the list (Japan at 8.5%).
– In average, women in the 24 countries are willing to pay 4.1% of the average salary before tax for a new handbag.
Women in Asia are willing pay more than twice as much of their salary for a new handbag than women in Europe (women in Asia are willing to pay an average of 5.8% of their salary before tax for a new handbag, while women in Europe are only willing to pay 2.4% of their salary for new handbag).


– We compiled hand bag prices from 24 different countries by checking the Google Shopping Ads for each country.
– All searches were done using proxies, so it appeared to Google like we were actually located in each country.
– It was important to use proxies so we could see the actual local results and prices from each country instead of international results and prices.
– We searched using the local term for “handbag women”, for example “håndtaske damer” for Denmark since the Danish translation of “handbag women” is “håndtaske damer”.

Median handbag price by country

Median Handbag Price

Median handbag price map

Median handbag price vs. average salary

Median handbag price per country vs. average salary before tax

Median handbag price vs. average salary map

Data by country

CountryMedian Pricevs. Salary After Tax
United States$313.006.7%
South Africa$29.026.4%
Czech Republic$24.071.6%

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