This Danish Couple Are Youtube Vloggers and Travel 100 Days Every Year with a Small Baby

Nomad Youtuber Morten and Maria Storgaard

We are Maria and Morten Storgaard. We live in Aarhus, Denmark, and we work with Youtube and online marketing. We currently reside in Aarhus (our base), and we travel approx. 100 days per year. We shoot travel videos along the road. We have had our own e-commerce business with photo print first and later another shop with board games, but today we work 100% online to be able to travel.

Nomad Youtuber Maria Storgaard

How and why did you become nomads?

We were largely influenced by other Youtubers. We started because we always dreamed about seeing the world, and getting out of our print business, we had the opportunity for the first time to travel. So we started to tell new clients (Mortens job), that we would not be working in the offices on a daily basis, which was fine in general all around.

We love to go out and find new inspiration and see how other people live. We like to have good time and dive into the cultures, so we normally stay for a month or two. We stayed on 1-2 months in California, Florida, Kenya and Thailand during the last couple of years, and we learn and experience so much, and meet so many great people!

How do you finance your nomadic life?

We work online, and we both run our own companies. Maria runs the youtube channels GoDownsize and OneGirlOneSuitcase, and work as a consultant, and I also run a couple of online magazines like, which is an online tech-site, where I earn money from ads and affiliate partnerships on broadband and mobile subscriptions in Denmark.

Nomad Youtuber Maria Storgaard

How do you build a social life as nomads?

That might be one of the toughtest parts of traveling a lot. We try the best we can to take people along on the trips, but on the long distance-trips it’s never possible. We also try the best we can to visit people we know – we did that in Africa and USA, so whenever a family member or close friend move abroad for a job position, etc., we try to visit them, to have the social life while traveling.

We normally travel for a month or two, and then stay home for a month or two. That way we get to stay connected to our non-nomadic friends. We always travel as a couple (and now a family – Max is 15 months old), so we have each other and its fairly easy to meet people, when you have a small kid. 🙂

Nomad Youtuber Morten Storgaard

Where do you live and work as nomads?

We have tried a lot of different things from Airbnb to renovating two campers for traveling in Europe (where we are located). We like to have a strong base, especially with a small kid. We enjoy traveling in the camper (towed behind our small car – so it’s not a big camper, it’s European) where we have a tiny office, so we can work on the road. You can see the camper here.

We try to eat from home and bring food for half the day trips and then we share meals everywhere. We don’t eat a ton of food, so we can share, and normally portions are pretty huge – especially in the U.S where we traveled a lot. 🙂

We have a mobile plan that allows us to use the phone in the countries we visit, and I keep my phone open during Danish business hours, so my client can call – they rarely do though, as I try to stay on top of things. We normally work from the morning until noon, and again when Max sleeps in the evening. I think in general it’s much easier to work online than I thought going into this lifestyle.

Nomad Youtuber Maria Storgaard

How do you bring your things with you?

In the camper it’s easy. On our longer travels we travel VERY light – except we bring a stroller for Max and of course his stuff tends to add up. But for ourselves we travel with hand luggage, and then we stuff the bigger suitcases with Max’ stuff. We carry some camera gear and computers – other than that not much.

How do your bags and gear hold up?

We have use a lot of different bags, and currently use a couple of small backpacks and a samsonite super light bag as well as a larger suitcase for Max’ stuff – also super light. We think this works well. We are not super light travelers, as we carry Max’ stuff and toys along. We sometimes buy a new bag on the road, if one breaks. We don’t think too much about it.

Nomad Youtuber Morten Storgaard

Any gear you wish you had brought with you from the beginning?

The small packing cubes for clothes, cables, etc. are a great hit with us. We wish we discovered them earlier. We also use small tubes and containers, so we can bring most of our toiletries in small amounts.

What has been your best gear purchase below $100?

Probably an external battery-pack for our mobile phones. So we can re-charge along the road – pretty standard, but new to us. 😂

Nomad Youtuber Morten and Maria Storgaard

What is your best advice for new nomads?

Try and start out small. Travel with only hand luggage for shorter trips, and see how little you can bring, in order to prepare for longer trips. We still see lots of people carry LOADS of stuff around in airports all the time.

We try to set aside a monthly portion of money every month for travels. We have downsized a lot, in order to live in a smaller space and with less stuff, in order to save money for travels. That’s what our Youtube channel GoDownsize is all about. There’s really on lower limit, we see people travel with much less stuff than we do, and we still learn to get rid of stuff, to be able to travel more and spend more time together as a family.

We always bring an extension cord, so we can plug EVERYTHING into one socket at the same time. That way we can charge phones, computers and cameras at the same time. That’s probably our best tip.

What are your best travel-tips for parents with young children?

We build everything around Max’ schedule. That works quite well – I guess you have, too, right? We try and stay at camp grounds nearer the cities as there are often other kids. In our experience, the ones in the country sides mostly host old people. Kids connect naturally and it’s great to see him play with everybody!

Nomad Youtuber Morten and Maria Storgaard

What will the future bring?

We currently travel in the same time zone +/- one hour, to avoid jet lag with a baby. That can be a killer!! Coming home from U.S last year, we spent three weeks turning his day back to normal. So we travel in Europe and enjoy the many great countries here. We are heading from Tuscany for the second time in a few weeks, and we love especially the food in Europe!

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